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    Home > Product > MEGAFOLD > MEGAFOLD 1850

    MEGAFOLD 1850

    High speed automatic folder gluer

    MEGAFOLD 1850 – C
    Without pre-folding section suitable for straight-line boxes.

    MEGAFOLD 1850 – AC
    Without pre-folding section suitable for straight-line, crash-lock bottom & double wall boxes.

    MEGAFOLD 1850 – PC
    Suitable for straight-line, crash-lock bottom & double wall boxes.

    MEGAFOLD 1850 – SL
    Suitable for straight-line, crash-lock bottom, double wall, 4 & 6-corner boxes.

    MEGAFOLD-1850 Perfect solution to work with medium and large sized boxes in the heavy packaging industry. With high productivity, it offers the flexibility to run thin solid board to thick corrugated carton.

    · Modular design allows different configurations, to meet customer’s needs.

    · Wide range of accessories that allows to run thousands of designs.

    · Fast, steady and precise machine, easy to set up and operate.

    · All sections with independent servo-motor driving system.

    · Motorized carrier movement with high precision linear guides.

    · Memory function to save repetitive jobs.

    Feeder section
    • Friction feeder. Independently driven by servo-motor.

    • Adjustable electronic pile vibrator.

    • Lateral feed gates fully adjustable to the width of the blank.

    • 3 adjustable front feed knives with bogies and 3 additional smaller sets.

    • 8 feeder belts including 4 drilled belts for suction function.

    • Control panel with touchscreen and buttons for all operations.

    • Extendable rear pile support for long boxes.

    Side register section
    • Independent section that registers the blank to one side ensuring a perfect parallelism before entering the pre-folding or gluing sections.

    • Independently driven by servo-motor.

    • Possibility to register on any side of the machine.

    • Fast and easy setup.

    Pre-folding section
    • Independently driven by servo-motor.

    • Left hand glue flap pre-folder up to 180o.

    • Third crease line pre-folder up to 135o.

    • 1st and 3rd crease openers.

    Crash lock bottom section
    • Independently driven by servo-motor.

    • Complete set of folding hooks and helixes for smooth and accurate folding of front flaps.

    • Adjustable hook tension.

    • Set of accessories for “B” lock bottom.

    • Fast and easy setup.

    Gluing section
    • Optional Electronic upper gluing system, cold glue with 3 guns.

    • Other upper gluing system configuration upon request.

    • Two lower (left and right) gluing tanks.

    • Easy to remove and clean.

    Folding and Closing section
    • Independently driven by servo-motor.

    • Smooth and accurate folding of 2nd and 4th creases.

    • Outer folding belts adjustable up to 180o with variable speed controlled by two independent servo-motors, L & R side.

    • Three sets of upper & lower carriers with 34 mm upper, 50 mm lower and 100 mm outer belts.

    • Easy accessibility.

    • Mini-box folding device.

    Transfer section
    • Independently driven by servo-motor.

    • Upper and lower drive mechanism for length adjustment.

    • Allows a perfect understack or overstack stream of boxes.

    • Equipped with automatic belt tension-adjusting system.

    • Continuous and automatic box collection mechanism that ensures a neat transfer to the Press section, guaranteeing an aligned flow.

    • Pneumatic squaring device for accurate closing of crash lock-bottom boxes.

    Squaring device in Transfer section
    • Pneumatic squaring device in transfer section.

    • Aluminum plates stop the box while the upper trombone belts correct any deviation on the closing. The box is released after correction.

    Squaring device
    • Motorized and pneumatic squaring device on press section. Two carriers with transport belts allow a perfect flow of boxes moving to the pressing station.

    • Rear stack corrector, that allows to square the boxes while falling on the lower conveyor.

    Press section
    • Independently motorized pneumatic press section.

    • Manual and Automatic mode (follow up).

    • Upper section moves back and forward through a motorized system, allowing different box length.

    • 6.5 meters total length with 4 meters of effective pressure.

    • Pneumatic pressure regulation.

    Back-folding device
    • Motorized and untimed electronic back folding system with intelligent servo-motor technology.

    • Two independent servo motors, one for each shaft.

    • Versatile and easy to setup.

    Scoring/creasing module
    • Independent scoring section driven by servo motors.

    • Located right after Side-register section, before pre-folding section.

    • Allows to make deeper scores if needed.

    Processed material

    Carton Board

    Corrugated Board

    • Processed Materials

    • Carton board max. 1200 g/m2

    • Corrugated flute type E, C, B, AB 3 & 5 layers

    • Capability

    • Speed max. 300 m/min

    • Inching speed 20 m/min

    • Thickness of folded box max. 20 mm

    • Blank width 290 – 1850 mm

    • Dimensions & Weight

    • Length  C :17.4 m   AC:19.4 m   PC:22.4m     SL:22.4m

    • Width  C :2.6 m    AC:2.6 m    PC:2.6 m      SL:2.6 m

    • Height  C :2.0 m    AC:2.0 m    PC:2.0 m      SL:2.0 m 

    • Weight  C :15 Ton   AC:17 Ton AC:18 Ton  AC:18.5 Ton

    • Installation

    • Electrical connected load   C :40 kW   AC:45 kW   PC:50 kW  SL:56 kW

    • Compressed air 6 bar 

    • Air compressor capacity 30 m3/h

    • Air tank capacity 155 L



    Box type
    Straight - line Box

    A: 290 - 1850 mm
    B: 250 - 1200 mm
    E: 135 - 915 mm

    Lock - bottom Box

    A: 290 - 1850 mm
    B: 300 - 1200 mm
    E: 135 - 870 mm

    Double - wall Box

    A: 290 - 1850 mm
    B: 200 - 1200 mm
    D: 50 - 200 mm
    E: 135 - 1650 mm

    4 - corner Box

    A: 230 - 1850 mm
    B: 220 - 1200 mm
    H: 35 - 150 mm

    4 - corner Box with Lid

    A: 350 - 1700 mm
    B: 220 - 1200 mm
    H: 35 - 150 mm

    6 - corner Box

    A: 350 - 1700 mm
    B: 220 - 1200 mm
    H: 35 - 150 mm

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